Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Upcoming Google Pixelbook 'Nocturne' allegedly leaks with detachable keyboard

Upcoming Google Pixelbook 'Nocturne' allegedly leaks with detachable keyboard

The Google Pixelbook, which runs Chrome OS, is still the gold standard for high-end Chromebooks.

According to new leaks, the search titan is developing both a detachable and an updated Pixelbook.

From an apparent Google ad spotted on Facebook and shared by Chrome Unboxed, we may see very slim bezels on the upcoming Pixelbook 2.

Since this detachable is connecting to an external keyboard, this machine may have the form of the Surface Pro, with a kickstand and magnetic clasp. The first of those was from Ad Choices, spotted by a Chrome Unboxed reader. We might now have our first look at the new models, codenamed "Nocturne" and 'Atlas.'.

We're digging deep to see if we can find the original video the image was taken from but I will have to admit, it would be a stretch to think that Google made a "bad render" of the original Pixelbook in a YouTube TV ad.

If you look closely at the video you'll notice that the device's bezels are a lot thinner than the bezels on the original Pixelbook. As we can see in this image, with its extremely small bezels, the laptop fits that description very well.

Various ads have shown up for users demonstrating a convertible Pixelbook with a display with minute bezels around it.

The news comes via Chrome Unboxed who was tipped to the appearance of a video depicting some sort of 2-in-1 laptop Chrome OS device through the open source Chromium bug tracker.

If the ads turn out to be real, they would confirm that Google is sticking with its 3:2 aspect ratio rather than switching to the more universal 16:9, but with that bezel reduction the Pixelbook 2 would feature a larger display than the 12.3-inch LCD touchscreen on the Pixelbook.

With how many Google product leaks we're seeing ahead of the company's October 9 Made by Google event, one could nearly feel bad for the tech giant - it's clear that its employees are having a tough time keeping a lid on the many, many Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL leaks. At this time, it's unclear if this will be the final design of the device or if Google is merely trolling the internet.

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