Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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Celebrities Fail Social Responsibility Assessment Amid Industry Crackdown

Celebrities Fail Social Responsibility Assessment Amid Industry Crackdown

Fan Bingbing is perhaps best known in the US for playing the teleporting mutant Blink in 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past or for playing an Iron Man 3 character in deleted scenes which were only theatrically released in her native China.

The report, which was widely covered by state media, didn't shed any more light on Fan's predicament, but it does add to the sense that China's Communist Party is sending a message to the country's burgeoning entertainment industry. She was accused this year on social media of signing two copies of a film contract - a practice colloquially dubbed a "yin-yang" agreement, wherein the undervalued version is submitted to tax authorities.

[Source]A Hong Kong news outlet is reporting that Fan Bingbing, China's highest-paid actress, has been banned from acting for three years amid allegations of tax evasion, but there has been no independent verification as yet of such a move.

The BBC reports the 36-year-old X-Men actress, model, and singer hasn't been seen since her last public showing at a children's hospital on July 1, and Business Insider notes her social media posts dried up about a month before that.

A recent report by academics at Beijing Normal University ranked Fan the lowest in a "social responsibility assessment" of Chinese film and television stars.

Fan vanished from public view one day before the State Administration of Taxation on June 3 announced a probe into the star's tax filings after a former China Central Television host posted what appeared to be partially redacted contracts that allegedly disguised compensation Fan received from a studio for a film.

China's highest-paid film actress has disappeared.

One user wrote on Weibo, China's equivalent to Twitter: "What kind of a report is this?"

The report was authored by the China Social Responsibility 100 Forum, which is said to have been established by experts, entrepreneurs and social activists. Fan's studio has denied any wrongdoing.

State news agency Xinhua reported in late June that government agencies, including the tax authority and the film and broadcast regulator, would crack down on excessive pay and tax evasion in entertainment.

So-called "yin and yang" dual contract arrangements ― with one contract for income declared to tax authorities and another kept secret ― are reportedly used to evade taxes.

Fans are anxious for her safety as she's not the first citizen to disappear under this government.

Fan is one of five leading worldwide actresses cast in the upcoming Hollywood spy thriller 355, alongside Jessica Chastain and Penelope Cruz.

Swisse Managing Director Oliver Horn said last September: "Fan Bingbing is an internationally recognised star who combines intelligence, artistic talent and unique beauty with a positive attitude to life".

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