Published: Mon, August 20, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Trump Opens Fire on ‘Discredited’ Mueller and His ‘Thugs’: ‘National Disgrace!’

Trump Opens Fire on ‘Discredited’ Mueller and His ‘Thugs’: ‘National Disgrace!’

Trump's original legal team had encouraged McGahn and other White House officials to cooperate with Mueller, and McGahn spent hours in interviews. "I think he's like a McGahn spy".

Rudy Giuliani, part of Mr. Trump's legal team, said on Saturday that Mr. McGahn's cooperation with Mr. Mueller was part of a legal strategy.

The New York Times said in its report that it was rare for a lawyer to be so open with investigators, but he may have been motivated out of fear of prosecution over White House decisions that might have been construed as obstructing justice.

Trump used his tweets Sunday morning, which he wrote from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, to intensify his assault on the special counsel investigation. "The president wrongly believed that Mr. McGahn would act as a personal lawyer would for clients and exclusively defend his interests to investigators, according to a person with knowledge of his thinking".

His lengthy testimony - 30 hours over three voluntary interviews, according to the Times - could be crucial in determining whether the president acted with an improper, or "corrupt", intent when he took actions like firing former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey, legal experts said.

Trump also curiously misspelled "counsel", which he did on Sunday as well. "Mr. McGahn answered the Special Counsel team's questions fulsomely and honestly", William Burck said, explaining that the President did not ask Mr. McGahn to refrain from discussing any matters.

Dean tweeted Sunday that he doubts the president has "ANY IDEA what McGahn has told Mueller".

President Donald Trump fired off several angry Tweets on Sunday aimed at discrediting a report that White House counsel Donald McGahn is cooperating with the Russian Federation investigation to protect himself, with Trump insisting that it is "just the opposite".

The President, while claiming that he allowed the counsel to cooperate, also casts McGahn as a "John dean type 'RAT.'" John Dean was the White House Counsel under President Richard Nixon, who cooperated with investigations into the Watergate scandal.

In a statement, The Times' communications department said the paper stood by the report and the reporters who wrote it, Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman.

This has reignited an old internal attorney debate over whether Trump's team of attorneys should have cooperated fully with Mueller's attorneys, as attorney Dowd and another former Trump attorney Ty Cobb successfully argued at first to show the president had nothing to hide. Also, Nixon knew I was meeting with prosecutors, b/c I told him. "Rigged Witch Hunt!" he later wrote.

"People always view cooperation as giving up incriminating information but you can cooperate, tell the truth and not give up incriminating information because there's none to give up", Giuliani said.

"You don't waive privilege. if you're guilty", he said.

These alleged efforts to cover his tracks are focused on what the media is reporting; news stories about Trump's potential meddling in the Russian Federation probe or events surrounding his campaign and Russian Federation that he didn't want to get out there.

Giuliani told NBC News that if Trump had considered trying to remove Mueller that would not be criminal.

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