Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Tourists evacuated as flash floods hit south of France

Tourists evacuated as flash floods hit south of France

A German man in his 70s is missing and 1,600 people have been evacuated because of flash floods in France, according to authorities.

BFM-TV said he was a 70-year-old German citizen serving as a monitor at the Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas site and feared to have been swept away by floodwaters along with his van.

Of the 750 people helped to safety by emergency crew in Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas region of Gard, around 120 of them were children, mainly from Germany.

Heavy floods have forced the evacuation of 1600 people - majority campers - in southern France, officials say.

The man was supervising a group of around 100 German children, from the city of Leverkusen, who were evacuated from a campsite in Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas, 83 miles north east from Montpellier. However, Mr. Dousset, the top aide of the Gard administration, said no one knew for certain yet that the man was in his van at the time.

Several people were taken to hospital with minor injuries, officials said.

The Bagnols mayor told BFM-TV many Dutch tourists were among the 350 campers evacuated there.

He was the only person unaccounted for after a rescue operation at three campsites in the area, where a heatwave ended abruptly this week in storms that caused flash flooding.

The French weather service has issued orange and yellow alerts for parts of southeast France that will remain in place until 4pm.

Locals are being urged to keep a close eye on weather conditions.

Tents have been destroyed and roads overwhelmed with water after nearly three inches of rain fell in under 24 hours, causing rivers to overflow at a rapid rate. Around 17,000 homes in the southwest and northeast were without power.

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