Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
Sports | By Jonathan Ford

The wrong Tommy Fleetwood got Tommy Fleetwood's $154000 British Open winnings

The wrong Tommy Fleetwood got Tommy Fleetwood's $154000 British Open winnings

Tommy Fleetwood must have some deep pockets because the English golfer has laughed off the fact that $150,000 was mistakenly deposited into the bank account of another man that's named Tommy Fleetwood.

That's exactly what happened to Tommy Fleetwood after the European Tour sent him the prize money for his 12th place finish at the 147th Open Championship last month.

United States player Tommy Fleetwood, born in 1959, discovered the unexpected windfall on Wednesday while with his friend Greg Thorner, who tweeted the bank statement showing the six-figure deposit between a $14.37 Walmart supermarket bill and a $16 wire transfer fee.

Golf Digest have confirmed that this situation, is, in fact, true and to his enormous credit, Fleetwood is laughing the whole thing off.

'He got on to his bank immediately and they didn't know what to say.

The Tommy Fleetwood who did not earn a winning share of the Open - is apparently a pro golfer in Florida and according to The Guardian was "born in 1959 - has tried to qualify for seniors events in Europe in the recent past".

The European Tour have apologised after Tommy Fleetwood's Open winnings of nearly £120,000 were sent to the wrong Tommy Fleetwood. The only problem? It was the wrong Tommy Fleetwood.

"My friend Tommy is a good guy and would always pay it back".

The elder Fleetwood is now reportedly in the process of returning the money to the World No. 11 Fleetwood, but at least he can now probably say he's received more money as a pro than any of his colleagues.

His wife and manager, Clare Fleetwood, has received an apology from the European Tour and is trying to establish if the funds have been transfered to the proper account.

"I wouldn't even know if I'd been paid or not because I don't really look", Fleetwood said.

"It's just something I don't really look at but I'll get on top of that!".

Meanwhile, there are two Zach Johnsons playing at the 100th USPGA.

Open Tommy Fleetwood, meanwhile, wasn't sweating the mistake.

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