Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Xbox One July update lets you start playing games faster

Xbox One July update lets you start playing games faster

Xbox's July update brings a bunch of handy improvements.

This month's update introduces a variety of features and enhancements, such as FastStart for select titles, new Mixer options, Pins enhancement with Groups, new search options and more. FastStartFirst introduced three weeks ago for Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead Insider rings, FastStart now arrives for all. Instead of waiting for the entire game to download, FastStart allows you to start playing the game as soon as possible by prioritzing the download of files and assets that are needed to begin playing.

Originally announced at E3, FastStart is a feature which allows you to quickly start playing the games you've just downloaded. The system has been implemented for "select English language titles" in Xbox Game Pass and will roll out for other languages in the future.

FastStart works by applying machine learning to identify which parts of the game are required for full-fledged gameplay.

The July update also brings a new way to organize your apps and games with "Groups". The system-wide search feature is also now more accessible, with the new Y shortcut whenever you are in the dashboard.

Downloading a game from online storefronts like Steam or the Xbox Live Marketplace is the modern equivalent of waiting for your modem to connect to the internet circa 1998: They're both long, arduous processes that we all know can happen much faster than they do. Touch-enabled devices get multi-touch support so that multiple controls can be used simultaneously. Finally, there's a per-channel leaderboard that focuses on players who contributed the most to the streamer's Mixer session through Share Controller. While in this mode game audio is muted, making it flawless for talking to your audience while switching from game to game or setting up before you start playing. You can even do all IRL broadcasts! Those come alongside some under-the-hood improvements to broadcasting quality and stability.

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