Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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The Boomsday Project - New Hearthstone expansion revealed

The Boomsday Project - New Hearthstone expansion revealed

Blizzard Entertainment announced Hearthstone's next expansion this morning: The Boomsday Project. As for spells, a new effect called "Project" will come into play, which gives players a mutually beneficial increase in mana crystals and a project that'll help you out when your opponent plays a spell card. 5 new cards were revealed (including Rogue's new legendary spell as well as Shaman's new legendary card).

The Boomsday Project stars the goblin Dr. Boom and is focused on science rather than the fantasy and supernatural elements we've typically seen from expansions thus far. Whether players prefer to wield magic or arms in battle, strike from the shadows or head on-or have never given any of that much thought-they'll be able to jump right in, create a deck, and get in on the card-slinging action. Omega cards are cards of various mana costs that do things that are pretty standard for that mana cost.

There also looks to be another Legendary coming on the horizon, with a new form of Dr. Boom. For example, Omega Defender, a 4-cost 2/6 generic minion with Taunt, comes with a Battlecry ability that gives it an additional 10 attack when the player has 10 mana crystals. It might be wise to offer something as a freebie since the Hearthstone community has been getting restless in recent months with the amount of money being spent to keep up with the new cards being released.

The trailer starts off in a lab, just like you'd expect if you're familiar with Area 52 from World of Warcraft. Maybe you could hold onto it until you have no cards in hand and only 10 cards or so left in your deck? However, if you play the Omega cards at 10 Mana, they receive a massive upgrade.

Excited for more reveals? A bundle of 50 packs, a free golden Legendary, and a Mecha Jaraxxus card back will be sold for $49.99 - or if you want to go all-in, you can get 80 packs, the free golden Legendary, the Mecha Jaraxxus card back, and the Mecha Jaraxxus Warlock hero himself in a $79.99 bundle.

A new single-player experience called the Puzzle Lab will also be included.

As for what this upcoming expansion will bring, we have you covered on that front. You may be able to theorize what you'll be doing by taking a look at the screenshots below. First and foremost, the expansion is set to release on August 7, nearly the exact same date last year's second expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, came out. The Midsummer Fire event will return soon, offering double gold for quest rewards and adding some firework-themed cosmetics to the hero portraits.

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