Published: Sat, July 14, 2018
Medicine | By Douglas Stevenson

The best and worst states to retire

The best and worst states to retire

Missouri ranked 15th, Kentucky was 30th, and IL ranked toward the end of the list at 44.

Crunching data from several sources, Bankrate said that South Dakota is the best state to retire in, and NY is the worst. It was also the top state for well-being, based on Gallup's 2017 data on the subject.

Financial security and a sense of community may be more important to satisfaction in retirement than factors such as weather, say the experts behind Bankrate rankings released Thursday. And when it was all said and done, South Dakota came out on top as the best state for you to retire to when it's time.

The study looked at seven categories including cost of living, taxes, healthcare quality, weather, crime, cultural vitality, and well-being. 'Yes, South Dakotans enjoy a low tax burden, but they are also more satisfied with their lives than anyone else.

The number one state was South Dakota and the worst was NY.

Rounding out the top five were Utah, Idaho, New Hampshire and Florida, which ranked second in weather.

"You need a sophisticated understanding of what will make you happy in retirement", Tepper said. NY came up last.

NY was the worst - not a huge surprise given the state's high cost of living, high taxes, and the lower quality of health care. Arkansas was slightly worse than California.

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