Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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Thai boys were passed 'sleeping' through cave, says rescue diver

Thai boys were passed 'sleeping' through cave, says rescue diver

But the mission, which leaned on the expertise of elite foreign divers and Thai Navy SEALs, almost turned into a calamity.

In the video, one of the boys flashed a "victory" hand gesture.

Other video footage shows several of the boys in hospital, in quarantine and wearing face masks but seemingly in good health as they nod, wave and flash peace signs to the camera.

"We didn't want the children to walk because it is really tiring from Chamber Three to the cave mouth", Apakorn said.

The global bid to extract the team garnered attention from around the world after the team found themselves trapped on June 23 when they entered the cave after practice and were blocked by floodwaters.

He was the last man out of the cave Tuesday but emerged to tragedy, learning of his father's death shortly after the rescue had completed.

Dr Harris was specially asked to be part of the rescue mission in Thailand because of his medical expertise and previous experience.

On Wednesday night, provincial governor and rescue commander, Narongsak Osatanakorn, appeared to imply in a public address that citizenship is a possibility for the four.

He said he had "no idea" how long it would take, adding that "it depends on whether we find the documents". "Without him, in this operation, I don't think we could have succeeded".

At a school opposite the hospital in Chiang Rai where the boys are recovering, schoolchildren were in an excited, celebratory mood.

During the roughly nine-hour rescue operation, the boys were underwater for four to six hours, according to Jedsada Chokedamrongsook, the permanent secretary of the Thai Health Ministry. They were told to remain calm and motionless as two divers prepared to tug them through murky waters and along guide ropes that had been put in place. They were carried by stretcher in the compartments that hadn't flooded.

AT least two Hollywood production companies are looking into putting the dramatic rescue of the "Wild Boars" soccer team on the big screen but social media is abuzz with the potential whitewashing of the proposed film.

At the Wild Boars soccer shed, the club's head coach said he knew nothing of the team's forays into the cave, while others who knew them had feared the worst. "You can't blame the coach and you can't blame the kids", Thongchai said.

Kanthawong said he just wanted to support the team now that the players were out.

The story of the Thai boys lost and found and finally rescued has all the makings of a Hollywood drama, capped with a happy outcome, and film companies are scrambling to buy their story.

Duangduen Sittiwongsa, a classmate of 16-year-old Pheeraphat "Night" Sompiengjai, whose birthday fell on the same day the team entered the cave, said they would give him cake when he came back to school.

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