Published: Wed, July 18, 2018
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Suspected Serial Killer Busted in Houston

Suspected Serial Killer Busted in Houston

Authorities in northwest Harris County have captured Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, the suspect wanted in a violent crime spree.

Gonzalez told reporters that Rodriguez was arrested after a "brief vehicle pursuit". The vehicle is believed to be the one Rodriguez was driving when he lead police on the chase Tuesday morning.

"We knew that this was one of the areas that he had targeted before, obviously the proximity to other victims, and so we've been out in high alert out here", the sheriff said.

"At this point I would have to say that from all evidence what we're seeing so far, that's what we're facing right now - a possible serial killer", said Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

The suspect was taken into custody after a 15-minute chase.

Houston police believe they nabbed a suspected serial killer with the Tuesday morning arrest of Jose Gilberto Rodriguez.

In addition to the killings, Rodriguez is also suspected of a July 9 home-invasion robbery and the Monday shooting and robbery of a 22-year-old bus driver who is expected to survive the attack, officials said.

Authorities have not identified the third victim.

The first person killed in the crime spree was a widow in Cypress who liked to read the Bible and bake cookies for neighbors.

The widow's television, computer and jewelry were missing from her home, detectives said.

Surveillance video released Monday night shows Rodriguez walking through the Willowbrook Mall on Saturday, after parking the victim's vehicle. A man believed to be Rodriguez was captured on the mall's surveillance video.

A second woman, Allie Barrow, 28, was found shot to death roughly a half-mile away, in the back of a mattress shop, NBC affiliate KPRC reported. Her manager found her body between two mattresses at the store late Saturday.

This time, the victim was a man, found inside a Mattress One store; his name has not been released.

Authorities said to scout possible victims and neighborhoods, Rodriguez knocked on doors pretending to be looking for someone.

Rodriguez, thought to be 46, is a parolee who investigators believe cut off his Global Positioning System monitor within the last two weeks and soon started killing.

A fifth crime, a home invasion robbery on July 9 in north Harris County could also be linked to Rodriguez. Eyewitness News learned Rodriguez has convictions for burglary, attempted aggravated sex abuse, auto theft, and criminal trespassing, all since 1989. They have not released further details of the crimes, such as the motive behind each act and whether the victims were randomly chosen.

Police described Rodriguez as a parolee who was supposed to be monitored by a tracker attached to his ankle, but who removed it a few days prior to allegedly committing his crimes.

Harris County sheriff's deputies found Pamela Johnson, 62, inside her home Friday.

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