Published: Mon, July 16, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Suspect dead after wounding 3 Kansas City officers

Kansas City police say at about 1:15 p.m., the suspect exited the home and exchanged gunfire with officers again and was hit, KCFD personnel declared him deceased.

Authorities say undercover and tactical officers were conducting an investigation when the suspect shot at the officers with a rifle.

Two of the officers were struck at that time, police said.

This is a breaking news story. That passenger was taken into custody.

Koppu was fatally shot on July 6 in the back during a suspected attempted robbery at a restaurant where he worked in the U.S. state of Missouri.

There, gunfire was exchanged with the suspect at least three more times.

Media quoted Jagdeesh Subramanian, president of the India Association of Kansas City, as saying that the group was grateful to police for pursuing Sharath's shooting diligently and that "there is some closure" with the person of interest's death.

The gunman remained at large until about an hour or so later, when he opened fire at officers from inside a house where he had barricaded himself a short distance from the motel, police said.

Police spokesman Jacob Becchina said Sunday that the officers' conditions aren't available. On the same lines, we are equally disheartened hearing about the three officers who were shot in pursuit.

There is still an active standoff scene at 30th and Topping, residents are advised to stay in shelter until the scene is cleared.

KANSAS CITY - Law enforcement authorities are investigating an officer involved shooting that injured three officers in Kansas City. One additional detective was hit by gunfire and was also taken to the hospital.

The third officers condition is unknown at this time.

Three Kansas City Police officers are in the hospital after a shooting this afternoon. "Sharath is known to his family and friends as full of dreams, cheerful, energetic and athletic", Chowdavaram wrote.

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