Published: Sun, July 08, 2018
Finance | By Claude Patterson

Starbucks employee fired after mocking customer's stutter

A Starbucks employee in Philadelphia has been fired for allegedly making fun of a customer's speech impediment.

Starbucks said the employee was axed because their behaviour did not meet their expectations of the experience Starbucks' customers should have.

According to the post, the customer claims he was verbally mocked by a barista for his stutter before receiving a cup that included three extra letters at the front of his name.

Lekwijit explained of the "disrespectful" interaction that the barista even went so far as to reply to his friend: 'Okay, S-s-s-sam, ' after he ordered at the counter.

Sam said he won't let what happened affect his opinion of Starbucks, and he plans to keep buying coffee at their stores.

'There are many people with speech disorders who are in a worse position than my friend's and struggle with self-esteem and self-confidence.

In an effort to have the issue addressed, Sam reportedly reached out to Starbucks Customer Service and received a standard email along with $5 gift card as an apology.

"Getting this kind of treatment from service employees is unacceptable, whether it is intentional".

"Clearly, Starbucks missed the point", Lekwijit wrote. "It was about how you treat people with speech impairments, not how you write names", he continued. "I sort of got a generic email, and I didn't feel like I was heard", he said.

Many people commented on Lekwijit's post and compared it to other recent Starbucks controversies, particularly an incident that occurred in a different Philadelphia location in April when two black men were arrested while waiting to meet with a white businessman.

"There is no tolerance for this type of behavior". We've taken immediate corrective action and apologized to the customer. "We want our stores to serve as a welcoming place for everyone who visits and strive to ensure how partners provide a positive experience", the spokesperson said.

In May, Starbucks held anti-racial bias training for thousands of US employees after a worker at another Philadelphia store called police on two black men waiting for a friend. The Associated Press reported that the barista was sacked.

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