Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Setting out vision for future ties, Britain’s Theresa May presses Brexit plans

Setting out vision for future ties, Britain’s Theresa May presses Brexit plans

But Davis's resignation has plunged the party into chaos once more, and it is now odds-on (4/7) that May will have to defend her position as leader this year.

And he warned: "A government that depends upon the opposition to get its business through is like the gingerbread man on the back of the fox crossing the river".

I thought yesterday that he was entirely out of line with his comment on the resignation of Boris Johnson as Foreign Minister in the cabinet of British Prime Minister May to protest her betrayal of Brexit.

Mrs May today publishes her long-awaited Brexit White Paper setting out the full details of the Chequers agreement.

I should think the former Prime Minister of Poland might have some respect for it.

"The Prime Minister had promised to do things and in Chequers and ran away from her promises, that all those statements: Brexit means Brexit, we're not going to be half in half out, all the things she had said before seemed to have been swept away by giving into the pressure of the European Union in not having a proper Brexit".

But one Brexiteer Tory MP played down the speculation.

But leading Eurosceptic Bernard Jenkin played down the prospects of more walkouts from Mrs May's administration. ERG is not expecting any further resignations, nor were we expecting any in the first place. We need to rise to the challenge and grasp the opportunities'. "We are supporting Theresa for PM".

They "didn't represent the majority of opinion in the conservative party or house of commons", he said.

Ben Bradly's letter of resignation struck a similar tone, saying: "I have come to the conclusion that I can not in good faith be a spokesman for the party or for Government on this issue" of the government's Brexit position.

A year later, commentators said recent events show she has firmly chosen the moderate side with a plan for Brexit, to be fully detailed today, that envisages close regulatory alignment with the European Union to allow unhindered trade in goods.

Hard Brexiters have pledged to mount a campaign of guerrilla warfare against May's government in an attempt to disrupt the soft Brexit proposal unveiled at Chequers, in which she proposed that the United Kingdom would share a "common rule book" of standards on food and goods after Brexit.

Crawley MP Henry Smith posted his invitation from Chief Whip Julian Smith on Twitter, adding: "Received this invite to watch tomorrow's England-Croatia World Cup semi-final in 10 Downing Street".

Prime Minister Theresa May, who campaigned to stay in the European Union in the 2016 referendum, has tried to balance moderates and hardliners in her party ever since coming to power two years ago at a time of political upheaval.

"Boris Johnson is a friend of mine, he's been very, very nice to me", Trump told reporters before heading to Brussels for a summit of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies.

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