Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
Sports | By Jonathan Ford

Senate Dems in Trump states take measured stance on Kavanaugh

Senate Dems in Trump states take measured stance on Kavanaugh

If confirmed, Trump's choice would solidify the high court's conservative majority and continue the president's push to shift the federal bench to the right.

Trump even kept his decision from lawmakers until just before his 9 p.m. announcement Monday, informing senators of his decision during a reception in the State Dining Room before his prime time address.

On Monday, Trump phoned retiring Justice Kennedy to inform him that his former law clerk would be nominated to fill his seat.

On the D.C. Court of Appeals, Kavanaugh sided with Priests for Life against the Obama administration's contraception mandate, but also suggested the government has a "compelling interest in facilitating access to contraception for the employees of.religious organizations".

Some conservatives have expressed concerns about Kavanaugh, questioning his commitment to social issues like abortion and noting his time serving under President George W. Bush as evidence he is a more establishment choice. Kavanaugh went to Yale and Yale Law School; every other justice now serving on the high court got his or her law degree either from Yale or from Harvard. And he also led the investigation into the mysterious suicide of Clinton's deputy White House counsel, Vince Foster.

At 53, Kavanaugh is relatively young.

Some Trump supporters who were near the scene said they did not understand the point of the protests, arguing that people need to give the nominee a chance and praising Trump's record as president. He is a connected Washington insider with roots in politics and has written more than 300 opinions in the 12 years he has been on the D.C. Circuit.

Warren and other Democrats - including Reps.

"The justice has already rendered one decision on the Affordable Care Act that frankly was criticized by conservatives of not going far enough", Collins noted on Tuesday.

During his remarks at the White House, Kavanaugh showed how much he has learned from his mentor.

"My judicial philosophy is straightforward".

An Alabama law mandated that abortion clinics can not be within 2,000 yards from a school before a judge struck it down.

Trump published a similar list during the 2016 campaign, and it was widely credited with helping him win the votes of social conservatives who otherwise might have been skeptical of a thrice-married billionaire from NY. Thomas, at 70, is the oldest of the court's remaining Republican appointees. The White House hopes Kyl's close ties to Senate Republicans will help smooth the path for confirmation. He said he looks forward to the confirmation process beginning. In June 2016, the high court struck it down in a 5-3 decision.

If Republicans lose the Senate, they would still have control of the chamber until January. This nomination is one of the most important items that we will consider this year.

The president has also been wooing red-state Democrats as a kind of insurance policy.

But other Democrats - those with greater latitude to speak their minds - were more outspoken. But Indiana's Joe Donnelly, North Dakota's Heidi Heitkamp and West Virginia's Joe Manchin all say they won't attend.

"Like Neil Gorsuch before him, Kavanaugh is an ideologically driven pick designed to create an activist Supreme Court that will undermine rights and protections for women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, and all vulnerable people".

As of Tuesday, only one Senate Democrat up for re-election in a state that Trump won has announced that he's a no vote: Sen.

Trump also met with Republican Sens. Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, to oppose any nominee who threatens Roe v. Wade. As soon as he announced his retirement plans in late June, Democrats and liberal groups mobilized, saying another Trump appointee would threaten Roe as well as the 2015 ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide and scores of other decisions that have shaped modern America.

Bob Salera, a campaign spokesman for Senate Republicans, said Casey has "given up any pretense of being a moderate voice" by opposing Trump's nominee sight unseen. But with only 49 votes in the Senate, Democrats have few tools to work with.

Leo said the president was "propelled to victory" by campaigning on the fact he would nominate originalist Supreme Court justices. He served for two years as Senior Associate Counsel and Associate Counsel to the President. "I think there's a process we have to go through, our members want to get acquainted with him, they want to meet him, they want to ask him questions".

Senate Republicans' stonewalling strategy extended to lower courts as well.

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