Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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Rare Footage of LeBron James Mural in Los Angeles Being Vandalized

Rare Footage of LeBron James Mural in Los Angeles Being Vandalized

After signing a four-year $154 million contract to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James has sold an untitled comedy pitch alongside writer Steve Mallory (The Boss, Superintelligence) to Paramount Players via his SpringHill Entertainment company, Variety has confirmed.The outlet notes that James is in talks to star in the untitled film. 'I guess it is never touch religion, politics or anyone against Kobe'.

One person even offered fans $300 to alter the mural. He dragged that group to the NBA Finals.

Located outside of a Baby Blues BBQ in Venice, Calif., the mural took roughly 12 hours of work spanning two days, a bucket of paint and more than 75 spray cans, ESPN reported. Never worked with graffiti specialist Fernando Valdez.

"I know when to cut my losses", Never said.

"I got a ton of support", Never said.

It'll be much more hard for James to contend for a championship this season, as the Golden State Warriors have ruled the Western Conference for four straight years, but his decision to sign with the Lakers this summer wasn't a knee-jerk move by any means.

With that being the case, he thought it best just to whitewash the entire wall. After a disgruntled fan scribbled phrases such as "LeFraud", "We don't want you", "No King" and "3-6", in reference to LeBron's record in the NBA Finals, over the mural, Never returned to touch things up and omitted the word "of" in hopes that fans would leave the piece alone. "Some guy did it and posted video of him doing it and responded to the guy and said 'Pay me". "But who can think throughout the course of the game?" '[Kyle] Kuzma, LeBron, Lance Stephenson blowing on LeBron'.

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