Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Polish academic unfazed by cat crawling on him during TV interview

Polish academic unfazed by cat crawling on him during TV interview

A Polish political scientist and historian was appearing on Dutch TV to discuss the forced removal of Polish judge Malgorza Gersdorf by the ruling PiS party when his ginger cat decided to make a rather dramatic appearance.

Targalski carried on with the interview without skipping a beat and even held Lisio's tail after it covered his eyes.

Last weekend, a video surfaced on Twitter of Targalski being interviewed by Dutch news show, "Nieuwsuur", about the forced removal of Poland's top Supreme Court judge, when suddenly his cat, Lisio, made a decision to steal the show.

In the interview, Dr Targalski spoke about the political situation in Poland, amid a government crackdown on the country's independent supreme court.

As Targalski talked about Polish history, Lisio climbed up his arm and onto his head and shoulders. "The cat does not change, wherever I am, it always climbs on my shoulders, five times a day", Targalski told Dutch news outlet NOS.

Targalski continued talking to journalist Rudy Bouma as if it were all pre-planned.

Targalski pushed forward, continuing to discuss the implications of the membership purge on rule of law, completely uninterrupted except to brush the cat's tail from away from his face.

The news is very bad, but this cat is very good.

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