Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
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#PlaneBae Romance Takes Over Twitter

#PlaneBae Romance Takes Over Twitter

Blair and her boyfriend Houston didn't get assigned seats next to each other like they had hoped so they figured they'd ask someone to switch with them.

Throughout the flight July 3, Blair chronicled the blossoming romance in a series of amusing tweets filled with excited exclamation marks and updates, courtesy of shameless but well-intentioned eavesdropping. "I walked on a plane just ready to get home and ended up sitting next to a lovely girl and had such a great time with on the flight", he said. So Rosey requested the woman next to her to switch seats - and joked that maybe the woman's new seat partner "would be the love of her life".

Her Twitter thread detailed every move made between the seatmates (and potential soul mates). "We couldn't have picked a better romantic duo". The two then struck up a conversation, which led them to discover their shared interests. Despite her hesitancy to be in the spotlight, Holden said in a video message to his fans on Thursday that Helen is being "super supportive" over the fanfare their connection has gotten.

The Internet wasted no time in nicknaming the guy "plane bae", and he was later identified as a former Major-league soccer player, Euan Holden. Both of them appeared to be single, according to Blair, who wrote that there were "no wedding rings in sight".

Euan Holden has since taken to Twitter to say he knew Blair and her boyfriend were taking photos, and he is amused by the saga.

"She's very attractive, fun, bubbly, natural", Holden added.

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