Published: Sat, July 07, 2018
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Pipeline protesters still dangling from Ironworkers Memorial Bridge

Pipeline protesters still dangling from Ironworkers Memorial Bridge

The protest began on Tuesday morning when activists rappelled off the side of the bridge to block the Serene Sea, a vessel loaded with crude oil that had left from Kinder Morgan Canada's Westridge Marine Terminal.

George was among the Greenpeace members-from all over Canada as well as the U.S., Mexico, and the United Kingdom -who rappelled from the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge for 35 hours to form a blockade preventing a Trans Mountain oil tanker from leaving Vancouver with tar sands oil.

They had been hanging from the bridge for 36 hours, creating an "aerial blockade" against oil tanker movements. The activists suspended from the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia.

"I'm feeling frustrated that this state is continuing to uphold the travel of oil tankers and continuing to allow the travel of these super tankers through such a lovely part of the world", she says.

Protesters unfurled four streamers painted by Indigenous artists earlier this morning and planned to unfurl larger banners with slogans like "Protect Waters" and "Stop Pipelines", said Hudema.

Officers from the Vancouver Police Department's Marine Unit are on scene in Burrard Inlet underneath the bridge and are assessing the situation, said Const. Jason Doucette.

The seven suspended climbers hope to impede oil-tanker traffic moving under the Ironworkers bridge, including the Serene Sea, which they say is now docked at the Trans Mountain terminal. Our Indigenous rights are being completely ignored, the safety of our water is being ignored, and most of all my son's future is at stake.

"I'll do whatever it takes to let people know this pipeline won't be built", said George in a telephone interview while he was still hanging in his hammock above the waters of the Burrard Inlet.

Twelve protesters who spent almost two days suspended from a bridge in British Columbia, blocking the path of an oil tanker, vowed Thursday to continue fighting Canada's plans to buy Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline, after police forced them to end their demonstration.

The expansion is being carried out by the United States firm Kinder Morgan.

Calls to the port authority and to Trans Mountain had not been returned by mid-morning.

In a statement on Wednesday, Trans Mountain said the ship was waiting for "suitable conditions" to depart.

"It is unfortunate that the actions of these individuals have caused disruptions to vessels and individuals that transit to and from the waters east of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge, including customers from our terminal and the other marine cargo terminals", it said in a statement.

"Our top priority is the safety of the community and marine waterway users and we look forward to a peaceful and swift resolution to this demonstration".

Alex Speers-Roesch, head of the anti-oil campaign for Greenpeace Canada, said the group had been in discussions with police over the 36 hours the protesters hung from the bridge and had been warned that a team would likely move in to extract them if the protesters didn't come down on their own. "Unfortunately, because of the protest, we are unable to supply gas and diesel to the Island right now".

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