Published: Mon, July 09, 2018
Finance | By Claude Patterson

Netflix explores new premium price tier for 4K

Netflix explores new premium price tier for 4K

But the Netflix Premium already lets you subscribers stream on four screens in Ultra HD (when available) - all the Ultra tier adds is HDR.

Netflix has announced plans to test out yet another price tier.

Netflix is also planning and testing various versions of plans that could get the HDR videos on the Ultra pack, so that it could stand different and higher above the current premium plan.

So far, these plans are only being tested in Europe, but, according to how well these changes are received, could become more widespread among Netflix customers. Depending on how the trial performs with this initial group, Netflix may or may not decide to roll out this plan to a wider group of customers. The current pack with highest price is the "Premium" subscription which allows users to enjoy their videos at 1080p (Full HD) with screen sharing of 4 at a time.

It's called the "Netflix Ultra".

Cnet reports after a Netflix spokesperson clarified that all of it may just for getting to know how well the users value Netflix. Netflix has many series available in 4K and several, including "Luke Cage" and "Glow", in HDR.

However, in addition to support for Ultra HD, the new Netflix Ultra plan offers the playback of content on four screens at the same time, support for the high dynamic range (HDR) and HD audio.

With the most recent price increase last fall, the two-screen Standard subscription option went up to $10.99/month, while the four-screen Premium option went up to $13.99/month. Certainly, the existing users of the Premium and the standard plans are sure to experience a frown or two on their face but it would be juvenile to doubt the loyal customers who crave for the Netflix experience.

Now on to the "Ultra" high-end streaming plan.

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