Published: Wed, July 18, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Mob lynching: SC order shows mirror to PM Modi, ministers, says Yechury

Mob lynching: SC order shows mirror to PM Modi, ministers, says Yechury

The court had said earlier in July that states are under obligation to prevent lynchings and mob violence and such incidents can not happen by the remotest chance.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday condemned the incidents of lynching across the country and urged the central government to bring in a separate act declaring lynching as an offence with punishment.

It said that the authorities, conferred with the responsibility to maintain law and order in the states, have the principal obligation to see that vigilantism, be it cow vigilantism or any other vigilantism of any perception, do not take place.

They must curb and stop the dissemination of irresponsible and explosive messages, videos and other material on various social media platforms which have a tendency to incite mob violence and lynching of any kind, the top court said.

No citizen can take law into his hands or become a law on to himself, the Bench noted while severely condemning incidents of lynching across the country.

The Supreme Court advocated setting up special or fast-track courts to hear cases of lynching and mob violence and asked the state governments to prepare compensation schemes for the victims.

The court has ruled on petitions including those by social activist Tehseen Poonawalla and Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, seeking to check violence by cow vigilante groups.

The court sought a compliance report from centre and states, according to a report in the Indian Express.

The apex court also passed a slew of directions to provide preventive, remedial and punitive measures to deal with offences, such as mob violence and cow vigilantism.

The contempt petition has been filed by Tushar Gandhi, the great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, saying the three states have not complied with the top court order of September 6 past year.

In Tamil Nadu's Perumampatti village in Trichy district, two men just about escaped becoming a lynching statistic when they were beaten up by villagers on suspicion that they were child lifters.

The latest incident saw a Google engineer killed in a mob attack last week in the southern state of Karnataka and five people were lynched in neighbouring Maharashtra on July 1. Mobs are mobilised in seconds because the message has reached scores at the same time, giving real-time details of the so-called suspects. In May, a 45-year-old man was beaten to death and his friend severally thrashed by four people for allegedly slaughtering a cow in Satna district, the police said.

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