Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
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Liberals attack Brett Kavanaugh for 'frat boy' name

Liberals attack Brett Kavanaugh for 'frat boy' name

This scenario is bad for those vulnerable Senate Democrats, who must either vote against the nominee in states where voters are likely to view Kavanaugh and Trump favorably or risk alienating their Democratic supporters by playing a direct role in the confirmation of a judge that many rank-and-file Democrats find wholly unacceptable.

Kavenaugh is meeting with senators to ask for their support.

Grassley said the Senate could vote on the nominee by later September or early October. A simple majority is required.

Nominated to the Supreme Court by former President Ronald Reagan in 1987, Justice Kennedy announced June 27 that he would retire this summer, effectively giving Mr. Trump his second opportunity to fill one of the bench's nine seats and secure a conservative majority - as well as ample time to tease his decision through several tweets sent in the days leading up to Monday's announcement.

This issue may not get as much buzz as abortion or health care, but it's probably the one that's directly relevant to Trump.

While the two issues are closely linked, the change aligns with polling that shows healthcare is a major concern for swing-state voters ahead of November's congressional elections, with abortion rights more divisive.

The White House meanwhile has leaned on them, with Trump meeting separately with the two shortly after Kennedy's resignation announcement. "It was our job in Congress to make the law, and judges shouldn't be doing what we're doing because they can't be voted out of office if you don't like what they're doing". And, he has been part of some highly disputed legal cases. Bill Clinton, for example, "could have focused on Osama bin Laden without being distracted by the Paula Jones sexual harassment case and its criminal investigation offshoots", Kavanaugh wrote. It was ruled a suicide, but some people dispute this. Whether they will be enough to sway Senate Democrats from Republican states or moderate Republicans whose votes are critical to Kavanaugh's confirmation remains to be seen. Grassley's committee will hold hearings on Kavanaugh's nomination before it goes to a vote before the full Senate.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been described by conservatives and legal experts as a "brilliant jurist" and an originalist who will uphold the integrity of the U.S. Constitution. He said he would work to defeat Kavanaugh, in his words, "with everything I have".

"As a Democrat running for reelection in a solid red state, McCaskill does not have the same freedom to oppose Kavanaugh with an election only months away", the pollster noted.

As a federal judge, he noted how he can hire three clerks a year, and that a lot of them have been women. They didn't care as much about picking Supreme Court justices as Republicans and Trump did.

Five would still be a far cry from George Washington, who named the entire first Supreme Court and ultimately made 11 appointments.

He added: "It was a law review article. But he'll be able to handle it, and I have every confidence he'll be confirmed", Hatch said.

Republicans hope to have Kavanaugh confirmed by the start of the court's session in October.

Vanita Gupta, president and CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, an umbrella coalition of more than 200 civil rights organisations in the USA, likened Kavanaugh to Trump, a property tycoon, saying "he would protect the rights of the wealthy and powerful over the rights of all". Those included a number of disputed cases, including ones supporting same-sex marriage and a woman's right to an abortion. "It wasn't that long ago when it was common for presidents to nominate judges with no prior federal court experience or judicial experience at all".

"With that in mind, it would be appropriate for Congress to enact a statute providing that any personal civil suits against presidents, like certain members of the military, be deferred while the President is in office", Kavanaugh wrote. "That sounds less like a Supreme Court justice and more like a waiter at a Ruby Tuesdays".

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