Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
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JetBlue Crew Helps Dog in Distress by Deploying Oxygen

JetBlue Crew Helps Dog in Distress by Deploying Oxygen

After Darcy breathed through the mask for a few minutes, she became alert and returned to normal.

Once the oxygen mask was applied, the dog recovered quickly.

Michele and Steven Burt were returning from Orlando with their three dogs when Darcy, the French bulldog, began pushing her head against the mesh part of her carrier.

She accompanied the letter with pictures of Darcy wearing the oxygen mask and being held by flight attendant Spencer while deplaning. When Michelle checked on her little companion, she noticed that Darcy's tongue and gums were turning blue, which is a sign of oxygen deprivation. "I believe [Spencer] and [Asher] saved a life".

Two crew members, identified as Renaud Spencer and Diane Asher in the Facebook post, brought ice packs for the French bulldog, but she continued to show signs of distress. I know it's not a child or a person but she is a family member. A flight attendant came by and reminded the couple that airline regulations require dogs to be kept in carriers at their feet (unless they are emotional support animals). Goodness and kindness along with the ability to assess a medical crisis, albeit a canine in crisis saved the day.

Burt ended her letter by confirming that Darcy "has made a complete recovery".

Darcy is fully healthy once again now, happily chasing squirrels in her yard, says Burt. When it didn't, they grabbed an oxygen tank and a mask and gave it to the couple to put over the little dog's face. "So I called the captain, and I told him, 'I think I need to use some oxygen, ' and he said, 'Go ahead.' And right then and there, placed the oxygen on the dog and the dog revived like nothing else".

JetBlue released a statement to ABC News about the incident, which could have been risky had flight crew not reacted.

A JetBlue spokesman told ABC: 'We all want to make sure everyone has a safe and comfortable fight, including those with four legs. "We're thankful for our crew's quick thinking and glad everyone involved was breathing easier when the plane landed in Worcester".

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