Published: Wed, July 18, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Indian police arrest 18 for repeated rape of 12-year-old girl

Indian police arrest 18 for repeated rape of 12-year-old girl

However, a number of men who seem to be lawyers took law into their own hands and thrashed the accused in the court premises.

The arrested suspects have been sent to judicial custody till July 31.

Tension prevails now as lawyers refused to allow the accused free passage. Indian media also reported the accused men took the girl to a basement, terrace, gym and public restrooms. On Monday, police arrested 18 men in connection to the case.

The accused had sedated the class seven girl with injections, drug-laced soft drinks and a powder that they made her sniff before sexually assaulting her and videographing the whole act, an investigating officer said.

Later Mohanakrishnan, president of Madras High Court Advocates Association announced that no advocates would appear for the 17 accused in the child rape case.

He allegedly invited other men to assault her and they recorded each other raping her.

He allegedly invited other men who filmed each other raping the child. Shockingly, the girl's mother who is a homemaker couldn't find anything suspicious when the girl was coming home late from school.

The identified suspects include security guards Murugesh, 54, Palani, 40, Abishek, 23, Sugumaran, 60, Prakash, 58, and Umapathy, 42; elevator operators Ravi Kumar, Paramasivam, 60, Dheenadayalan, 50, Srinivasan, 45, and Babu, 36; plumbers Jaiganesh, 23, Raja, 32, Surya, 23, Suresh, 32; an electrician Jayaraman, 26; a housekeeping employee, Rajasekar, 40; and a gardener, Gunasekar, 55.

"The girl's father was away at work through most of the day", the officer said.

"The girl has said that she was molested by 11 people and has identified all the accused (including accomplices of the alleged perpetrators of the crime)", a senior police official said.

The 18 men were in the age group of 23 to 66 years and they were engaged by two private companies - FOCUS, a security firm and UK Facility Services.

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