Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Google Pay: what you can do now

Google Pay: what you can do now

In addition, Google said that Google Pay will be able to save concert tickets and boarding passes.

First, you'll finally be able to pay for things with NFC and send money to contacts through a single app. The latter was briefly re-branded to Google Pay Send, but the need for a separate Android app is now void thanks to the latest version of Google Pay that integrates this functionality.

Many of these features were teased at Google I/O in May, but are live as of today.

The ruling would seek to prevent Google from making deals with Android smartphone manufacturers that ensures the technology giant's apps are pre-installed.

Google announced a move to rebrand Android Pay and Google Wallet past year and then had Google Pay Send, which was a peer-to-peer payment effort. The year started with us learning about Google's plan to rebrand all payment services into one and called it Google Play.

The old Android Pay is now known as Google Play.

"In the E.U.'s eyes, device makers such as HTC and Samsung face an anti-competitive choice: Set Google Search as the default search service and offer Google's Chrome browser, or lose access to Android's popular app store".

Feel free to use the service with your other loyalty cards or gift cards for more rewards. Especially with airline tickets, this dedicated view makes it easier to quickly pull up a boarding document. This list includes all activity conducted with Google Pay. For a while now, Google's mobile payments solutions have inexplicably been split across two apps.

We've tried this before with Southwest Airlines and now, you can save even tickets you brought online from different sources. Ticketmaster is supported now and soon, those tickets from Eventbrite can be stored. Everything is synced with your Google Account, so if you update your payment info on the web, it'll be reflected on your phone. Log in to your Google account to see all transactions and history.

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