Published: Thu, July 12, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Fortnite Season 5 Teaser Image Released

Fortnite Season 5 Teaser Image Released

As I've said many times, Epic Games always finds ways to keep people interested in Fortnite. Now, the time has come for Epic Games to take the odd rift events one step further, although the changes have not been unveiled yet.

Some fans on Reddit think that the props are part of some sort of global ARG (alternate reality game) and that there's a clue in their placement as to what will happen next in Fortnite. Some said it was Egyptian while others said that it appeared to be a reference to Japanese culture, and according to some evidence from a Fortnite player who owns one of the masks themselves, it appears that it's the latter.

Patches have been released during Season 4 on Tuesdays, although there have been a few exceptions.

The video revealed a Fortnite-animation-style police vehicle and a tent nearby, with a sign that read "IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU'RE IN RANGE OF THE ANOMOLY".

Photos of the loot llamas in London, Barcelona, Cologne, and Warsaw have already been posted on the Fortnite subreddit thread. Epic has started to spawn in seemingly random and larger objects all over the map.

With Season 5 on the horizon, many theories have been expelled as to what the theme will be.

Others have suggested the stage coach and some leaked data files could be pointing toward a Wild West theme for Season 5, but that wouldn't explain the meaning of the rifts or why multiple landmarks and llamas are being spotted in the real world. We're not sure what to ultimately expect from this turn of events, but we'll be watching intently for more items to be discovered around the world as the promotions play out.

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