Published: Fri, July 13, 2018
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'First blue whale' caught in 50 years

'First blue whale' caught in 50 years

Most countries in the world, including in the Americas, Australia, and most of Europe, are opposed to lifting the commercial whaling ban, and as you might guess, Norway, Iceland, and countries which receive aid from Japan, like those in the Caribbean and West Africa, are in support of lifting the ban.

The whaling station crew posed for photos next to and even on top of the whale 'in a sign they knew very well this was a rare Blue whale, ' monitors Sea Shepherd claimed.

Since then, countries like Norway, Iceland, and Japan have ignored worldwide laws and have brazenly hunted whales, including endangered species like Fin whales and the Blue whale caught by Icelandic whalers just recently.

Sea Shepherd Founder Captain Paul Watson is calling on the Iceland government to launch an independent investigation and bring Hvalur hf's owner Kristján Loftsson to account.

If these fears are confirmed, it would be the first official blue whale to be harpooned in half a century.

Photographs and video taken by the Sea Shepherd UK team near the whaling station allowed them to examine the species identifying indicators of skin color/pattern, baleen color, dorsal fin shape and tail stock.

Dr. Phillip Clapham of the Marine Mammal Laboratory in Seattle studied images of the whale caught by Hvalur.

Experts believe the whale could be a blue whale-fin whale hybrid.

It claimed the animal showed all the features of a blue whale, including a "darker belly" and "bluish color". He told the Sydney Morning Herald the whale did not have "any characteristics" to suggest it was a hybrid.

Marine conservation group Hard To Port said they had been tracking the whale until it was killed on the night of July 7.

"The killing of such a majestic creature, blue whale or hybrid, represents a significant crime against nature, given the rarity of these species and the threats to their survival today". "We see them in the ocean".

Blue whales can reach up to 33 metres in length and have been protected by the International Whaling Commission since 1966.

"Iceland's whaling is rogue and archaic and should command diplomatic criticism at the highest levels".

Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson, who has spent over a half a century defending whales, appealed to Icelandic authorities to stop Loftsson "from ruthlessly violating global conservation law and bringing such disrepute to the nation of Iceland".

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