Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Ex-Intel executive departs Google as chipmaker searches for CEO

Ex-Intel executive departs Google as chipmaker searches for CEO

Diane Bryant has left the company after serving as the COO of Google Cloud for less than a year under Google Cloud CEO Diane Green. She was announced as the new Google Cloud COO in what many considered to be a major coup, but it appears as if she's already leaving the position.

While the reason for Bryant's departure is unclear, a person familiar with the situation told Business Insider that Bryant came on without a clearly defined role, and had few people reporting to her.

"We are grateful for the contributions she made while at Google and we wish her the best in her next pursuit", a Google spokesman wrote in an email.

Bryant joined Google in 2017 after a 32-year career at Intel.

As yet, there is no clear explanation as to why Bryant has left Google Cloud.

Bryant joined Google Cloud at a time of strong growth, when it was outperforming both AWS and Azure, registering close to 50 percent growth year-on-year - but the company held (and still does) a smaller share of the cloud market than either Microsoft or Amazon. At Intel, Bryant was the face of the Data Center Group.

As COO at Cloud, Bryant's "strategic acumen, technical knowledge and client focus" was tasked with accelerating the scale and reach of Google's enterprise offerings. It brought in $16 billion in sales from processors for servers in data centers and other products in 2016. Thousands of employees also signed a petition opposing the work.

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