Published: Fri, July 20, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Ex-FBI Head James Comey Urges Public To Vote Democratic

Ex-FBI Head James Comey Urges Public To Vote Democratic

Former FBI director and longtime Republican James Comey has urged Americans to vote for Democrats in November.

Comey tweeted the message saying that the Republican Congress has failed to fulfill the Founders' design that "Ambition must. counteract ambition".

"Policy differences don't matter right now", Comey wrote in the tweet.

Comey took to Twitter on Tuesday to denounce congressional Republicans for having "proven incapable" of holding Trump accountable.

Mr Comey, who was sacked from his job as Federal Bureau of Investigation director by Donald Trump past year, recently said he no longer considers himself a Republican.

Former FBI director James Comey arrives at the Irish Film Institute for for a public interview in Dublin, Ireland June 22, 2018.

"All who believe in this country's values must vote for Democrats this fall", he added. "History has its eyes on us", he posted.

"The Republican Party has left me and many others".

Comey attacked Donald Trump's remarks on Twitter Monday, accusing the president of siding with Russian Federation over the USA on the issue of alleged election hacking.

"I need no better evidence than their new website, which I think is 'Lyin Comey, ' maybe, attacking me". Most of the rebuke surrounds the president's refusal to support the intelligence community's assertion that Moscow interfered in the 2016 election.

"I actually believe he's morally unfit to be president", Comey told USA TODAY after the release of his book, "A Higher Loyalty". It doesn't reflect values at all.

Comey's tweet came one day after Trump's summit in Helsinki, Finland with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It's transactional, it's ego-driven, it's in service to his ego.

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