Published: Mon, July 16, 2018
Sports | By Jonathan Ford

Conor McGregor on Putin: "One of the greatest leaders of our time"

Conor McGregor on Putin:

Conor McGregor is as credible as they come right?

Devlin, who gave birth to the Irish superstars first child Conor McGregor Jr. back in 2017, recently took to Instagram with the following post hinting at her pregnancy while wishing "The Notorious" a Happy Birthday.

"Today was an honour for me Mr Putin".

Russian Federation hosted a successful World Cup over the past month, which culminated in the final between France and Croatia on Sunday.

No? We're just going to ignore all that and call him a great leader so we can enjoy some World Cup action instead?

But eagle-eyed social media users couldn't help but notice the birthday cake behind him.

The 30-year-old athlete claimed in the caption that he was invited to the World Cup as Putin's "guest".

'Jesus Conor, really?' another Twitter commentator said.

Conor McGregor reportedly hauled in over 100 million dollars for his fight with "Money Mayweather", which has led to his long hiatus from mixed martial arts.

Earlier on Sunday, McGregor hinted that a fight with Nurmagomedov was moving closer when he tweeted a video of himself in a auto with the caption, 'My Russian compound is taking shape'. Fight fans are hoping for an official announcement from the UFC confirming the fight between two of the most popular and dominant fighters on their roster.

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