Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Canon and Nikon are finally doing something about Sony's mirrorless cameras

Canon and Nikon are finally doing something about Sony's mirrorless cameras

At least, that's what leak site Nikon Rumors is reporting. Nikon Rumors can not confirm if these will be full-frame models, but they assume that they are, which seems to be the general sentiment given the rumors we've been hearing so far.

However we have been hearing rumors that Nikon could have something new in the works and according to the folks at Nikon Rumors, there will be two full-frame Nikon mirrorless cameras that will be officially announced this coming summer. The Nikon 1 system used a 1-inch sensor, which while large by smartphone standards, is far smaller than those on any of the major mirrorless camera systems, without providing that much of a size reduction over, say, Micro Four Thirds. Instead, there are two sensor resolutions being bandied about; a 24-25 MP sensor and the other a 45-48 MP sensor.

Nikon's famous F-mount has been around since 1959, which means there's a huge range of choice when it comes to lenses, both new and old (though to get the best out of the latest sensors, you'll want to be using modern glass).

They will come with 5-axis stabilization. The company is also researching a more ergonomic grip.

Nikon is reportedly preparing to introduce a duo of mirrorless cameras that'll compete against established competition from the likes of Sony and Canon. The lower-resolution shooter will likely check in under the $3,000 mark with a kit lens while the higher resolution model could ding your wallet for around $4,000 when matched with the 24-70mm lens. DSLR's are still more popular than mirrorless cameras overall, but if current trends continue, that won't be the case for long.

Basically, it's about time Nikon really takes the mirrorless market seriously.

This would be quite a bit sooner than a lot of people had expected - it was widely thought that the announcement would come at the photography industry's biggest event, Photokina, in September.

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