Published: Fri, July 06, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Apple Registers 5 New Macs, 5 New iPads With Eurasian Regulatory Commitee

Apple Registers 5 New Macs, 5 New iPads With Eurasian Regulatory Commitee

The evidence comes in the form of filings with the Eurasian Economic Commission, which requires devices featuring encryption to be pre-registered.

With iOS 12 expected to receive a public release this spring and macOS Mojave (version 10.14) supposedly available around the same timeframe, it'd be odd for Apple to jump the gun with hardware refreshes running old software. In the past, this would have been an indication of new products hitting the market soon; but that doesn't seem so certain anymore. That is just speculation at this point and Apple could launch the new devices at a later date. Obviously, all four of these products were indeed unveiled at the September event a few weeks later; with the leak being one of the first mentions of the AirPods branding for Apple's truly-wireless earbuds. The references to different operating systems indicate that Apple is planning is planning to launch five MacBook laptops and five new iPads. Apple's iPad mini hasn't been given a hardware refresh since 2015, which makes it the likely candidate to get a new model this year. Eleven iPhones were registered in April and have yet to see the light of day. This is the first black mark in the track record, and it gives some doubt to the relevancy of this latest filing on iPads and Macs. Some benchmarks from Geekbench spotted earlier this year bolstered the possibility of a new MacBook Pro with some upgraded guts to improve performance, and such a change is due since Apple hasn't refreshed the line for a year now.

Reading into the model numbers - A1931, A1932, A1988, A1989 and A1990 for the Macs; A1876, A2013, A1934, A1979 and A2014 for the iPads - provides a little more of a hint at what might be going on. However, it's tempting to think that there really are new Macs on the way; seeing that none were announced at WWDC last month. Apple has also been rumored to be preparing new 13-inch MacBook models, which would replace the aging MacBook Air with a Retina-display version.

The iPad model identifiers are harder to reason about as there is no obvious grouping to the numbers. Obviously, we are expecting new iPad Pros with Face ID, no home button, and thin bezels to be launched in the fall, so that accounts for at least some of the identifiers.

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