Published: Sun, June 24, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

Woman calls police on eight-year-old girl selling water

Realising she is being filmed, the woman ducks behind a retaining wall.

The petty woman was later identified as entrepreneur Alison Ettels.

The video has been extensively liked and shared on Twitter and Instagram, with the majority of the commentators jumping to the girl's defense and chiding the woman for what many see as racial bias and an example of white privilege.

The white woman who called the police on an 8-year-old black girl who was selling water outside her San Francisco apartment says she's not racist and that she was only pretending to call. She thanked everyone who showered her and her daughter with support.

"You can hide all you want", the relative then says.

A woman who allegedly called the cops on a young girl of color for selling water on the street in San Francisco has gone viral and not in a good way.

She also added the incident left her feeling disgusting and heart-wrenched because the girl's mother started yelling at her. "The whole world gonna see you, boo". The child's mother recorded the incident and posted it to social media on Saturday. These kinds of racist calls to police are quite common.

In the video, Ettel stands up and replies, "Illegally selling water without a permit".

The 15-second video ends with the woman saying, "It's not your property".

In later tweets, the girl's cousin suggested the woman's actions were racially motivated.

As evidence of the disturbing trend, people have pointed to the case of the woman dubbed "Barbecue Becky" who called police to report two black men for having a charcoal grill at an Oakland park.

After being busted, Ettel said she was "horrible and heart-wrenched".

The woman tells the person filming the girl doesn't have a permit to sell the water.

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