Published: Sun, June 10, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

White House adviser says Canada's Trudeau 'stabbed us in the back'

White House adviser says Canada's Trudeau 'stabbed us in the back'

The US leader had left the summit early en route for Singapore and a historic nuclear summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, only to take exception to comments made by Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a news conference on the ground in Quebec.

Trudeau said he had reiterated to Trump that tariffs would harm industries and workers on both sides of the U.S. Later, the document was made public.

On the North American free-trade negotiations, Mr. Trump said he proposed a bilateral deal to Mr. Trudeau, an idea the prime minister rejected.

"PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our @G7 meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that ... he 'will not be pushed around.' Very dishonest & weak".

Sticking points also remain in the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) renegotiations between Canada, the United States and Mexico, despite it being a key topic during the bilateral meeting between Mr Trump and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau.

American tariffs are in response to Canada's tariffs of "270% on diary" delivered by the United States, he said.

The remarks from a top economic adviser to the USA president about a longstanding US ally were deeply unusual, and underscored the growing divide between the United Staters and its northern neighbor.

Trump says they will either have a better agreement on NAFTA or two deals involving separate trade deals with both Canada and Mexico. "But the relationships are very good", he said.

"Canadians are polite. We're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around", Mr Trudeau had told reporters as he reiterated that Canada would retaliate against USA tariffs on steel and aluminium, adding Mr Trump's rationale had been insulting.

Canada, along with the European Union, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the World Bank, will partner on the funds, which will go towards supporting women acquiring job skills, improving teacher training to improve curriculum for girls, expanding the quality of data available on female education and promoting more coordination between humanitarian partners.

The letter comes on the day of the Group of 7 (G-7) summit amid heightened conflict between Trump and other G-7 members over the tariffs and following Trump's suggestion that Russian Federation be reinstated into the group. "We're going to fix that situation". "What was strong was the language that this can not go on, but the relationships are very good".

"It's going to change", said Trump. Mr. Trump also warned that retaliating against the US tariffs would be a "mistake", suggesting that the USA might just not deal with countries who fail to treat the his standards. Bannon said China is "now on notice that Trump will not back down from even allies" complaints in his goal of "America First"'.

Mr Trump earlier warned his counterparts against retaliation after the USA imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium from Europe, Mexico and Canada - saying they would be "making a mistake".

They say "be careful what you wish for" Trump's trade war is living proof you should also be careful who and what you vote for. "And then we leave and Trudeau pulls this sophomoric, political stunt for domestic consumption. To have a great military, you need a great balance sheet", he said.

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