Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
Finance | By Claude Patterson

Trump lashes out at USA allies in Twitter rant

Trump lashes out at USA allies in Twitter rant

But Theresa May's official spokesman left no doubt that the Prime Minister continues to regard the communique as binding on the US.

Five automakers - GM, Ford, FCA, Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. - produced about 2.2 million vehicles in Canada past year.

According to US Census Bureau data, Canada was the top export destination for 32 states in 2016, by far the most of any country.

But despite the rows over trade and Russia, Mr Trump rated his relationship with other G7 leaders as 10 out of 10.

Sharply criticizing Trump's remarks on tariffs, Trudeau promised that Canada would answer with its own on July 1 unless the US reversed course. It was created to eliminate 99 percent of tariffs between the United States, Japan, and 10 other Pacific nations.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce rang the alarm Monday about the potential for hundreds of thousands of job losses as the result of Trump's tariffs, and what could be over a million more if the Americans pull out of the NAFTA deal. Pre-summit reports from the White House suggested that the president even considered skipping the summit altogether.

A Trudeau spokesman, Cameron Ahmad, said on Saturday night that Mr Trudeau "said nothing he hasn't said before - both in public and in private conversations" with Mr Trump.

Larry Kudlow and Peter Navarro, trade advisors to Trump, went on national television on Sunday to criticize the Canadian prime minister for "betraying" the USA president. "We just shook hands!"' Trump said Tuesday.

"This was very disconcerting", he said, adding: "I do not like to see that type of language being used without having a real strong basis for it".

He called Mr Trudeau "dishonest & weak" after Mr Trudeau said at a news conference that Canada would retaliate for new U.S. tariffs.

"What I saw Prime Minister Trudeau say was, I thought, fairly benign and certainly didn't warrant any attack".

The Prime Minister said: "Where we disagree with our allies on something it is right that we say so and air the issue openly and frankly".

Senior officials of the Trump administration piled on the smears.

"He really stabbed us in the back". Larry Kudlow, Trump's chief economic adviser, told CNN that Trudeau's press conference addressing Trump's actions was "a betrayal".

"I'm concerned because Canada has been a reliable ally, a close friend, and one of our biggest trading partners", Collins told Politico. I said maybe in the first minute.

These escalating tariffs are both increasing global tensions and harming the USA economy.

Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland added that "Canada does not conduct its diplomacy through ad hominem attacks, we don't think that it's a useful or productive way to do business and perhaps we refrain particulary from ad hominem attacks when it comes to our relationship with our allies".

"It'll hurt the much as it'll hurt Canada", said Dias, who pointed out that the majority of parts in Canadian-built vehicles come from the U.S.

In a statement to the British House of Commons on Monday, Ms.

The U.S. has initiated an investigation to determine if automobile imports threaten to impair national security.

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