Published: Fri, June 15, 2018
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The Internet Reacts to Drake's "I'm Upset" Video

The Internet Reacts to Drake's

The rapper was a cast member of the show for 145 episodes from 2001 to 2009, playing Jimmy Brooks.

Earlier today Drake dropped the video for his new single "I'm Upset" featuring the "Degrassi: The Next Generation" crew at their 11th high school reunion, but fans noticed former students missing, including Lobel, Clark and Ryan Cooley who played J.T. Yorke.

Drake is having a Degrassi Community School reunion.

In the opening scene, Drake wakes up in a bed next to a half-naked women in the middle of the Toronto Raptor's basketball court.

He meets up with Gavin "Spinner" Mason (Shane Kippel), and from there it's a full-on walk down memory lane, as we encounter the class of 2007.

Says Ruggiero, who played Marco Del Rossi, a gay teen and the best friend of Epstein's character: "Drake brought us all back together on our home turf".

As the party kicks into fifth gear and the booze starts flowing, tensions begin to rise in typical Degrassi fashion.

For some reason, fictional stoners Jay and Silent Bob - aka director Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes - are there too, selling weed.

Everyone parties so hard they have to call the fire department. He reunited with his classmates from Degrassi: The Next Generation in his "I'm Upset" video, and people have a lot of feelings about the new clip. "But you & Karena melted my heart with the then-&-now cast credits and theme song ending!"

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