Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
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The Elder Scrolls VI is in pre-production, Starfield in a playable state

The Elder Scrolls VI is in pre-production, Starfield in a playable state

No, Bethesda showcased a fully-fledged Elder Scrolls game in the palm of your hand, something we haven't seen in years! Where most developers erred on the side of simple 2D spin-offs, The Elder Scrolls Travels boldly offered the entire 3D experience on handhelds, first as dungeon crawlers, then, much like Blades, with fully 3D environments in Shadowkey.

When will The Elder Scrolls VI be released? It includes quests, one-on-one combat versus other players, and a robust single-player campaign.

On the upside, we will nearly certainly be seeing the game on a new engine in that time so we can hope that the combat will grow to match the quality of the world building and story telling.

According to Howard, we'll see more of Starfield "closer to release".

While no gameplay was shown, nor many details discussed, Bethesda promises they will have more to show at the next Quakecon.

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It's starting out as a mobile-only game, but it will eventually be brought to consoles, PC, and VR systems.

However, he added that a definitive decision on platforms hasn't been made yet. The latter lets players create their own settlements and defend them against rival factions, and if things get too extreme, there are nuclear missile studios to take over which provides the means to nuke rivals, providing the idea of nuking a place already ravaged by nuclear war makes sense.

A post on the official Bethesda website said: "Pre-ordering Fallout 76 is the only way to get access to the B.E.T.A. Visit to pre-order the game from your preferred participating retailer or digital platform".

Bethesda Softworks had been quiet for quite some time and now it's evident why that was the case. With such a large slate of announcements, we're all still in the process of digesting it all. Fans are certainly expecting plenty of great content from the company, both for 2018 and beyond. Known as The Elder Scrolls Travels, these mobile adventures to Tamriel ranged from flip phones to the ill-fated N-Gage, and even a cancelled PSP game.

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