Published: Sun, June 24, 2018
Finance | By Claude Patterson

Tesla to shutter at least 13 solar facilities: documents

Tesla to shutter at least 13 solar facilities: documents

The data includes "Tesla's dozens of production videos and confidential photos".

"His stated motivation is that he wanted a promotion that he did not receive". Musk claimed that the new line is "way better" than another assembly line that "cost hundreds of millions", and wasn't sure if his company "actually need [s] a building". Data was combined with false information given to the media, the lawsuit said. "He is someone who stole Tesla data through highly pernicious means and transferred that data to unknown amounts of third parties, all while making easily disprovable claims about the company in order to try to harm it". The legal filing, seeking court action, concluded: "Tesla is informed and believes that the aforementioned acts were willful and malicious in that Tripp's acts described above were done with the deliberate intent to injure Tesla's business". By placing the hacking software on other computers, it would indicate that the computer users were responsible for exfiltrating data; wrongly indicating other Tesla employees.

Tesla also claims a friend of Tripp's phoned the company and said the man had plans to "shoot the place up", referring to the Gigafactory. GM's Mary Barra came out top, talking to investors and analysts with language expected of a 10th grader. As a result, Tripp was reassigned to a different role and expressed anger towards the company. A person familiar with Model 3 production told Business Insider that Tesla had made around 6,000 Model 3s this month as of Tuesday. "For example, Tripp claimed that perforated battery cells were used in some Model 3 vehicles, even though no such batteries or faulty equipment were used in vehicles", he added.

Internal documents cited by the report suggest that the 9% workforce layoff announced last week will hit its solar segment the hardest.

Tesla's lawsuit against a former employee was filed just 24 hours ago and it's already ripe fodder for Hollywood.

Neither is the supposedly "horrible human being" who Musk is filing a lawsuit against, for allegedly carrying out sabotage at Tesla.

In a statement to CNBC this week, Tripp claims that he is a whistleblower rather than a saboteur.

"I am being singled out for being a whistleblower". I didn't hack into a system. "I'm a scapegoat because I provided information that is absolutely true", Tripp told The Guardian.

While Tesla has not officially announced which facilities will be shuttered, a document indicating 14 planned closures was obtained by Reuters.

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