Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
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Syria strikes kill 15 civilians after jihadist attack: monitor

Syria strikes kill 15 civilians after jihadist attack: monitor

The bombing over Taftanaz killed another eight civilians, while two others were killed in a raid on Ariha and two in Banash and Ram Hamdan.

Panos Moumtzis of U.N. OCHA says military escalation could make Idlib's situation "much more complicated and brutal" than other conflict zones in Syria.

The U.N. regional humanitarian coordinator for Syria cited reports of a deadly air strike on Sunday that had killed 11 people and hit a pediatric hospital.

"With this escalation, this deterioration, we worry really about seeing 2-1/2 million people becoming displaced more and more towards the border of Turkey if this is to continue", he added.

"This is the fiercest attack in around three years", said Abdel Rahman. Russian Federation is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's main ally in his war against an armed opposition, now in its seventh year.

Since Russia intervened in its support in 2015, the government has regained control of around half of the country.

"We can not see a military solution, it can not take place", he said.

But Moumtzis said "our worry is that with the Idlib situation, we may not have seen the worst of the crisis in Syria".

Panos Moumtzis UN Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis informs the media during a press conference on latest developments on humanitarian access in Syria at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland on Ju
Syria strikes kill 15 civilians after jihadist attack: monitor

It was designated previous year as a de-escalation zone, but violence has been creeping up again.

Nevertheless, the Bashar al-Assad regime and Russian forces have continued to carry out attacks on the region.

"The past seven years of war in Syria have shown that violence only fuels more violence, hatred and vengeance - and further fragmentation of a society torn apart".

"He recalls that Idlib is part of the de-escalation agreement reached in Astana (capital of Kazakhstan) and calls on its guarantors to uphold their commitments", Dujarric said.

"The humanitarian response on the ground is really at a breaking point".

The situation inside Syria's Idlib threatens to become "highly explosive" amid an uptick in the conflict between armed groups and a spike in the number of people displaced inside the war-torn country, a top United Nations aid official said on Monday. "We still see massive displacement, we still see massive humanitarian needs, and have huge concerns on the protection of civilians", he said. "From January to April, there were over 920,000 newly displaced people", he told reporters in Geneva.

That raises the number of internally displaced persons to 6.2,000,000, while about 5.6 are refugees in neighboring countries, according to United Nations figures.

"We are on high alert", he said.

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