Published: Wed, June 13, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Steam goes to China with the help of Perfect World

Steam goes to China with the help of Perfect World

The new Steam chat revamps how your friends list is organized, with a customizable "favorites" section up top followed by friends grouped up in a party or by which game they're now playing. For those of you who still remember Myspace, the new friends list will also let you designate some friends as "favorites", so get ready to compete for that coveted status.

The new Steam Chat's first improvement comes in the form of an upgraded friends list.

The quality and security of Steam voice chat have been revamped from the ground up, providing a new WebRTC-based backend, which comes with high-quality Opus encoding and encrypted traffic.

"Every chat on Steam is now multimedia friendly", Steam's page states, meaning you'll be able to share GIFs, videos from YouTube, audio from SoundCloud and more within the chat itself.

The new Steam Chat offers some great features that come as standard with other services.

Chat makes it easy now to add friends to group chats and these chats even persist across Steam sessions so that they become available whenever you sign in to Steam on supported devices.

All chat features are also available on the Web. No bones about it: Steam's new persistent group chats are basically Discord. All traffic will be sent through Stream servers rather than be directed individually to peers, meaning user IP address will remain private, keeping the possibility of network attacks minimal, as physical locations are masked. Valve is collecting feedback via this section of its forums.

In many ways, the new Steam Chat resembles the popular voice-chat service Discord, so gamers already using that service will likely be familiar with the functionality already.

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