Published: Thu, June 21, 2018
People | By Neil Grant

New 'Time' magazine cover shows Trump looking down at crying migrant child

New 'Time' magazine cover shows Trump looking down at crying migrant child

The July cover reads "Welcome to America" with a photo illustration of President Donald Trump staring down the crying toddler from a photo earlier this week that went viral.

Even though Trump has now signed an executive order that should, for the time being, prevent such separations, there are still serious issues that remain, including reuniting families already separated by the heinous policy as well as what the Trump administration's long game is. It does not change the policy of charging all those apprehended crossing or attempting to cross the border with criminal charges, nor does it change any refugee status or procedure.

"For the first 240 years of USA history, at least, our most revered chief executives reliably articulated a set of high-minded, humanist values that bound together a diverse nation by naming what we aspired to: democracy, humanity, equality", TIME's Karl Vick wrote in the cover story that goes along with the photo. That original picture was captured by Getty photographer John Moore. "But I couldn't." Moore said he was able to speak to the mother briefly and learned that the little girl was a 2-year-old from Honduras. She is looking up at the agent, and the whole scene takes place in the desert, presumably illuminated by headlights.

The images of children being separated from their parents and the uproar that has followed has been startling. "I didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated".

Federal prosecutors of at least some detained parents have reportedly not been able to say where their children are being held.

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