Published: Thu, June 21, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Microsoft Bolsters Education Efforts with Flipgrid Acquisition

Microsoft Bolsters Education Efforts with Flipgrid Acquisition

The Redmond, Washington-based company said that it would make Flipgrid software free for schools, similar to its Office 365 Education software.

Boasting of a huge user-base, about 20 million teachers and students across the United States and beyond, have a recourse to this social-learning platform.

Megiddo assured users that the platform would continue to grow across all its partner's ecosystems while retaining its brand, culture and team.

The company has faced greater competition in the education sector from Google and Apple in recent years, a time Chromebooks have dominated the environment in US schools. "Together with Flipgrid, we aim to democratise these tools to empower every indicators and student to create the world of tomorrow", he added. "Expanding Flipgrid's accessibility across the global educator community, the company will also align with Microsoft's GDPR, FERPA and COPPA compliant privacy architecture to ensure Flipgrid continues to be a safe, secure place for students and teachers to communicate". (An entire school could also purchase it for $1,000 per year.) Company officials say that as of today, the full version of the service will now be free to all educators, schools, districts and colleges, and that those who bought a subscription will get a prorated refund.

"If we live up to our mission of helping them learn and helping them succeed at school, we believe we will have lifelong fans and customers", he said. "And just as we always have, we will continue to improve Flipgrid for ALL educators", said Joey Taralson, VP of engagement at Flipgrid.

With the help of is acquisition, Microsoft wants to push its educational efforts even further. Joey Taralson, Flipgrid's vice president of engagement, wrote in a blog post that the service will continue to support Chromebooks and the other devices on which it's now available. In fact, Flipgrid already works with Microsoft Teams.

In a video released Monday on YouTube, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that platforms like Flipgrid help make young people more nimble and prepare them for working and socializing in a "rapidly changing" society.

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