Published: Thu, June 14, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

E3 2018: God of War Grabs New Game Plus

E3 2018: God of War Grabs New Game Plus

That is to say, the devs over at Sony Santa Monica have encouraged players to pursue progression beyond the single-player storyline.

During the transition between major announcements at E3 2018, Sony revealed a new feature for God of War.

"It's going to happen", said president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America Shawn Layden.

The God of War New Game Plus mode works in a similar way to other games. To compensate for your kitted-out Kratos, the difficulty will be raised.

No, this doesn't mean you'll be getting new content, but you will be able to experience the game a lot differently than the first time around.

God of War is available now exclusively on PS4. In the blog post announcing the upcoming mode, Sony stated that "New Game+ won't just be a sunny stroll through Midgard".

We really recommend that you play God of War, it is different from the previous games, but retains the essence of what made the God of War series great. Like Photo Mode, it will be added to the game in an upcoming patch.

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