Published: Tue, June 12, 2018
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Burgers behind IHOP name change

Burgers behind IHOP name change

IHOP announced Monday morning that the breakfast restaurant chain has a new name.

Well, the answer is here, and today we welcome to the world the International House of Burgers.

By now, you've heard the International House of Pancakes is now calling itself "IHOb, "swapping the "pancakes" for "burgers."".

The American chain teased the change June 4 on Twitter, saying "For 60 pancakin' years, we've been IHOP".

"Obviously, IHOP-hob wanted to be known for something other than breakfast or the place you pull off the highway to go to the bathroom", he said.

"We are definitely going to be IHOP", Darren Rebelez, president of IHOP, told CNNMoney. The promotional tactic, as the company said, is used to draw attention to the new burgers (which, for $6.95, can come with unlimited fries and soda).

In an avid marketing attempt, it turns out, IHOP is not actually changing its name permanently.

The company posted on Twitter last week that it was changing its name to IHOb.

A flagship restaurant in Hollywood, CA will feature a new "re-burgered" sign and will host a "VIB" launch party for the new menu additions. "Consequently, we needed to make a bold signal to disrupt people's thinking about IHOP and make it IHOb'. Not impressed", another fan wrote.

Don't worry, breaky buffs: All the breakfast goodies remain on the menu.

Reaction to the name change on social media ranges from excitement and anticipation to confused and baffled.

IHOb has been mocked mercilessly for the name change, and the Phillies couldn't help but get in on the fun. "Like that, but our cheeseburgers are still better".

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