Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Arts&Culture | By Antoinette Montgomery

WWE 'Smackdown' Up for Grabs as NBCUniversal Moves to Pin Down 'Raw'

WWE 'Smackdown' Up for Grabs as NBCUniversal Moves to Pin Down 'Raw'

While the pro wrestling giants have geared much of their business towards the importance of WWE Network, the weekly Raw and SmackDown programs are still of huge significance to the company.

WWE Raw will reportedly be staying with NBC Universal. Belloni's report said that the new deal for Raw would be three times its current value and the odds of that coming from a two-hour program are highly unlikely.

PWInsider contacted WWE regarding the report and responded by saying "No comment".

Annie Kruger - a spokeswoman for WWE - told Sporting News in March that the company plans to announce their new U.S. TV partner between May and September of this year.

NBCUniversal is willing to lose the television rights to SmackDown Live while maintaining its relationship with WWE to air Raw on USA Network, The Hollywood Reporter's Matthew Belloni reported Wednesday.

The company's current contract with NBC Universal will come to an end in 2019 and the WWE is now in a negotiation period to determine where their programming ends up.

NBCUni snagged the rights to SmackDown back in 2010.

This won't be the first time both Raw and Smackdown will be on different TV channels as the shows were separated in the early '00s.

The Fox connection has been in the conversation for months now with there even being rumor and innuendo that Fox could try to buy WWE outright.

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