Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Finance | By Claude Patterson

Woman detained after feces flinging incident at Langley Tim Hortons

Woman detained after feces flinging incident at Langley Tim Hortons

Think you're having a bad day at work?

The situation continues to escalate and ultimately culminates with the woman dropping her trousers, defecating on the floor, and proceeding to throw feces at the employee. She then scoops up the excrement and tosses it over the counter.

She finishes by wiping her bottom with napkins and throwing those, too, at the worker.

The hilarious moment was captured at Tim Hortons CCTV camera and the video goes viral.

The woman is seen arguing with an employee before before pulling her trousers down and defecating.

A woman who was reportedly denied access to the restroom at a Canadian Tim Hortons restaurant on Wednesday chose to go anyway - right on the floor in front of staff, customers and a surveillance camera. Satisfied that she had made her point, the woman struts away.

"Our current understanding is that the (employee) used their discretion in this case and denied access ... based on past behaviour", the spokesperson told CTV News in an email.

Officers from the RCMP, Canada's national police force, took the woman into custody in the parking lot a short time later, The Abbotsford News reported. Just last week, Starbucks revised its policies and it now allows everyone to use their loo!

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