Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

This message is crashing Apple iPhones globally

This message is crashing Apple iPhones globally

Additionally, you can also delete the conversation from a different device that is synced to the same iCloud account. Presently, Apple has not released any fix for the issue. If a message containing it is sent through iMessage, the user will experience repeated crashes when they try to read it. Users may try to close the iMessage app, but it will again crash once it is accessed and the black dot message is displayed again. Now, the same bug has hit the iOS Messages app and is now causing similar issues on iPhone devices. The message being sent is filled with numerous invisible Unicode character that can cause iPhones and iPads to use up massive amount of memory and CPU cycles to process it all.

This latest bug involves sending a text string containing the black dot emoji to the victim (don't do it, don't be that person).

For WhatsApp users on Android, the message would cause WhatsApp to hang (Freeze or make it unresponsive) if you open it, reports my broadband. Now, iOS users are also receiving a "Black Dot message" which is crashing the iMessage app. Other than iPhones, the bug also affects macOS, tvOS 11 and watchOS. This will prevent the Unicode bug message to not appear in the recent bubble.

From there, 3D Touch the iMessage app and select "New Message".

So before you go to settings and remove it remember you'll never see those messages and amusing photos and memes again.

For those of you who do not have a 3D Touch functionality built in, you can simply follow the steps provided below.

Once you do that, tap on the Cancel button in the top-right corner and then tap on Edit in the top-left. Then you can open the head named "New Messages 'and you can avoid opening the last message with the particular problematic emoji".

WhatsApp Business app for Android will soon receive a new feature, dubbed as Chat Filter. Clicking on the black dot causes the crash to occur.

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