Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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The school in IL managed to prevent a mass murder

The school in IL managed to prevent a mass murder

A potential school shooting in IL was thwarted on Wednesday (local time), after a school resource officer shot and wounded a former student who opened fire.

19-year-old suspect, whom authorities did not name, went into hiding when he began to approach officer mark Dallas (Dallas Mark), who saw the young attacker took a few shots.

The teenager fired several shots at him, before the officer returned fire and hit him. Dixon, Ill., is about 100 miles west of Chicago.

A police chief says a school resource officer saved lives when he confronted an armed 19-year-old former student at a high school in northern IL. Dallas was not harmed in the exchange of gunfire, but Milby received non-life-threatening injuries.

Milby, 19, was reportedly recently expelled from the school, although it was unclear why, according to Sauk Valley Media. Dallas was not injured during the incident. The officer responded in kind, striking the alleged gunman.

"We're lucky the officer was there", Langloss - whose daughter was among the seniors in the gym - told

"He saved an enormous amount of lives", Lee County Sheriff John Simonton said.

The school in IL managed to prevent a mass murder
The school in IL managed to prevent a mass murder

Dixon High School remained the only school on lockdown shortly after 11 a.m., though all students had been reunited with their parents, Howell said. The suspect opened fire near the gymnasium of Dixon High School in IL, where seniors were rehearsing for their upcoming graduation ceremony.

Authorities say students did exactly as they were trained to do when a school resource officer and a former student exchanged gunfire at a northern IL high school.

The Dixon police chief credited Dallas with saving "countless lives". "His courageous actions saved a lot of lives", Langloss said.

"All of a sudden out of nowhere you just hear pop pop pop!" said former student Brandon Stehl, who was at the school preparing for graduation.

Ebersohl was grateful to Officer Mark Dallas and said "I think it was very fearless of him [Mark Dallas]". Dixon Mayor Liandro Arellanno Jr. also praised the response of the officer.

It could have been so much worse.

Dixon Police say Milby is still in the hospital under 24 hour surveillance and report he will be transported to jail upon his release.

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