Published: Fri, May 11, 2018
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Sony Announces E3 2018 Press Conference

Sony Announces E3 2018 Press Conference

"The last two or three years, if you were a careful observer, you'll see that we continue to try to refresh and remake and reignite what we do at what used to be called the press conference for E3", Layden also added.

The company has announced its E3 2018 Showcase will take place in LA on June 11 at 6:00pm west coast time (that's a convenient 2am United Kingdom time).

"We have great content".

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Shawn Layden, the chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios confirms that the PlayStation E3 2018 press conference will take place on Monday, June 11 at 6PM Pacific Time. We have fantastic updates. At various media events so far, we've seen remarkably different elements of the game, including a man connected to a baby via an umbilical cord, a man living with a baby in his stomach, an evil soldier with zombie-like minions, and most importantly, Guillermo Del Toro.

"We'll have some announcements with our third-party publishing partners, we'll have some news things to talk about there, as well as our continued support for independent development - we'll throw some highlight of that". Ghosts, The Last of Us, and Spider-man are going to have strong debuts this year in the fall and will more than hold fans over until the next E3. Additionally he stated that there will be no hardware announcements during the show, so unfortunately that means no details or big reveals of the PlayStation 5!

As to why Sony has chose to move to an in-depth look at a few games instead of small tastes of a lot of titles, we don't know. The game allows players to create almost any type of experience they want, and we were blown away by it when we saw it in 2017.

E3 takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 12th to June 14th. Are you excited to see deeper dives for games like Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II, or will you miss the excitement of the classic Sony E3 press conference?

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