Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
IT&Software | By Alfonso Woods

Samsung Galaxy S9 is getting two new colours in 'select markets'

Samsung Galaxy S9 is getting two new colours in 'select markets'

Back when Samsung released the Galaxy S9, there were only four colours available in total - only three of which were available here in the UK. If you need more, there's a microSD slot and it will also support dual-SIM. On the basis of the previous experience about mapping Samsung updates, people have already started to make a preliminary estimate.

This new phone might be launched under Samsung's Galaxy J series and it is rumored to be called the Galaxy J2 Core. When Google launched Android One, Samsung didn't partake its efforts in that initiative, but is willing to take the leap and try its hands with Android Go. The new finishes are available both for Galaxy S9 and the bigger S9 Plus.

The upcoming tablet based on Android has been spotted on Geekbench and considering it has been part of multiple leaks lately, the launch might be just around the corner. Qualcomm has dominated the mobile chipset market for years now, but it would appear that Samsung's interested in doing something about that.

Interestingly, smartphone users do not actually experience the same download speeds, even when they're on the same network and area, as mentioned by DigitalTrends. The benchmark score fares well with other Snapdragon 835 devices so users can expect a decent performance on the tablet. However, the company has now temporarily halted the roll out the operating system update to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge devices.

Samsung Electronics' head of smartphone business Koh Dong-jin introduces Galaxy S9 and S9+ in February. Surely, this new Android version is going to offer better performance, lesser battery drainage, and better user experience!

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