Published: Fri, May 04, 2018
Science | By Joan Schultz

Samsung began work on the model Galaxy S10

Samsung began work on the model Galaxy S10

A report from a reliable source revealed the status of two major Samsung Galaxy S10 features, as well as the smartphone's codename. And, if the latest rumors bear out, 2019 could prove to be a big year for Samsung's mobile division. The Galaxy S9 was code-named "Star", while the S10 will bear the codename "Beyond", according to South Korea-based newspaper The Bell. And given the number of leaks and speculations for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it's no surprise that Samsung is working on an under-display fingerprint scanner.

For the Galaxy S10, the "Beyond" codename is apparently a promise that the smartphone will offer features and capabilities that are beyond anything now in the market.

If you think that sounds a bit odd, you wouldn't be wrong.

This certainly isn't the first time people have got their hopes up about a Samsung-made folding phone, only for it to never actually materialise.

MWC makes a lot more sense as it's a dedicated mobile event, but the thinking is that Samsung might not want to launch the two phones simultaneously.

Furthermore, a change in design is also expected for Samsung S10.

Sources also speculate that the S10 might include a 3D camera to enhance its AR emojis and facial recognition tech. The report mentions that the screen size will be increased ever so slightly, to 5.8 inches for the regular S10 (up from 5.77 inches on the S9) and 6.3 inches on the S10 Plus (up from 6.22 inches on the S9 Plus). But it is not hard to imagine Samsung integrating the feature in its Galaxy S10 next year after addressing any technical challenges it is facing right now. Instead, we reckon there's a good chance Samsung launches the Galaxy X as special 10th anniversary handset alongside the S10 and S10 Plus - just like Apple did a year ago with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The Galaxy S10's code name has been revealed, and it's "Beyond".

This all roughly chimes with what we've heard about the Galaxy S10 so far.

There's new information about Samsung's foldable phone project.

Now, let's talk about when the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are likely to be released.

Going by this timeline, Samsung will be taking advantage of CES 2019 (holding in January) to announce the next flagship in the Galaxy S series.

In the same line, "Beyond" has something to do with the Galaxy S10 boasting of abilities which are beyond anything on the market at the moment. Each week until 17 May 2018, the visitor who creates the most creative slow-motion video and shares via social media (Instagram or Facebook) with the hashtag #GalaxyStudioSydney will win a Galaxy S9.

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